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Thema: A little help needed (for Fanfiction project)

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    Rotes Gesicht A little help needed (for Fanfiction project)

    Some of you may have noticed me bitching constantly about taking part in the 2008 SgaBigBang project with my fanfiction "Circle of the Sun", others, have actually read the 'little' fic I took part with already.

    For those who haven't here is the link

    And that's where I need your help now: I'm not one of the best or most popular Authors out there and with almost 50 Stories the stories like mine don't get the attention they would deserve. (Given that I spend the last fu*ing six months slaving over that monster) The Mods of the Project are aware of that and have started promotion projects in which the Authors can present their Fanfictions in form of DVD Commentaries or Mini-interviews with the Author to explain more about the story.

    And yeah, that's exactly where I need the help!

    I need Questions, several of them.... and isn't that the perfect time to practice your English skills? *g*

    My posting date is September 21, plenty of time, and if you don't want to read my Monster (Which I so totally understand after it's roughly 42.000 words large) take at least a look at my artist's wonderful work.

    And before anyone starts to say, that this would be more fitting in the Fanfiction part of the Forum; no, it's not, it's about English FFs and we have the super special allowence to post stuff here in that case.

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    I have a question: How did you chose the names?
    You explain at the end of the story that they are most Swedish or Icelandic but how or where did you find them?

    Why did you take "Mies" for John?
    I know, the English readers will have no connotation with this word but for a German reader it's a bit ... strange. I mean it's the same like Johnny Depp. His last name makes a German smile whereas an English speaking person has no problems with this name.

    And on a more general level: Did this story start out with a certain fascination for the Wraith worshippers? Or was your starting point John losing his memory?
    (Or can't you tell? *g*)

    I think the artwork for your story is great, it's like a summary of this story!


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