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Thema: English fanfics - One shots

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    Standard These Boots Are Made For Walking [NC-17]

    I won't translate this story into German, so here's the English Original:

    Title: These Boots Are Made For Walking
    Author: Antares
    Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
    Rating: NC-17 !
    Word Count: 2519
    Beta: Many thanks to kimberlyfdr
    Notes: I changed the title after first posting it and "borrowed" this title from Nancy Sinatra
    Warning: Light D/s scenario, Kink: boot-fetish - - - If you don't like it - don't read it!! *g*


    No, no, and no. Rodney had no boot-fetish. He had never salivated at the sight of high-heels or, God beware, rubber-boots. No.

    But during the last months he had developed a – as he called it euphemistically in his head – “deep appreciation” for Sheppard’s black combat boots. Tied nonchalantly challenging the military regulations, they seemed to be the quintessence of the man himself.

    TBC in the spoiler ...
    Those black combat boots had started to feature in Rodney’s nightly wet dreams shortly after they had reached Atlantis. He hadn’t been able to return to his favorite fantasy of a Sam-Carter-clone at his beck and call, seducing him with expensive lingerie the moment he entered his apartment. No, there were always black shining boots in his dreams now. And instead of being a short aberration due to inhuman stress and not enough sleep – like he had hoped in the beginning – their unhealthy influence had started to also invade his days.

    These damned black boots made him hard during the day when he was lying under a console and Sheppard was standing besides him; passing him tools or simply poking him with questions about the “why” and the “how long”.

    The only time he was half-way safe was when they were encrusted with dirt and slime, reeking from some off-worldly green-gray stinking mud. Only then was Rodney’s deep-rooted fear of germs and contagious alien plagues able to dampen his enthusiasm for Sheppard’s footwear.

    As a scientist, Rodney had tried to find out with scientific methods what triggered this kink. He had stared at Lorne’s boots until the Major had noticed and asked him if something was wrong. But nothing was wrong. Lorne’s combat’s boots left him as cold as the sight of a male botanist nibbling on someone’s stilettos, a photo McKay had found ‘accidentally’ on the Atlantis intranet.

    To make a bad situation worse, the more Rodney’s friendship with Sheppard deepened, the more he became obsessed with Sheppard’s boots. It wasn’t often that he remembered his dreams, as usually he was too tired, but when he did, sexual gratification was always somehow linked to a pair of combat boots. Even if Sheppard was naked in his dreams, and turned him on with that lean body of his, what made him come in minutes were the boots. Rodney tried to argue logically that he had never seen Sheppard naked, but that he saw the boots on a daily basis, therefore, his subconscious would go with the scenario it was more acquainted with – but even in his own ears that sounded lame. So he was stuck with this unfortunate kink.


    Tonight he entered Sheppard’s quarters with two bottles of beer in one hand, and a bowl of something that smelled and tasted nearly like potato chips even if it was green, in the other.

    “Sheppard? We still going to watch the new ‘Transformers’ DVD?” he called when the colonel was nowhere to be seen.

    “I’m in the bathroom. I’ll be with you in five minutes. ‘Transformers’ is on the chair.”

    “Sure,” Rodney answered. He put the bowl on the bed, opened his beer, and went in search of the DVD. Being it Valentine’s Day, the ‘official’ movie to be shown in the mess hall was certain to be some uber-romantic, disgustingly sweet sentimental crap, where everybody would be happy in the end, making mooneyes and kissing. Robots were definitely better.

    “Ha!” Rodney spotted the DVD on top of Sheppard’s discarded clothes – but he also spotted Sheppard’s boots, half buried under a t-shirt that had fallen to the floor. He picked the shirt up and hung it over the back of the chair.

    Then he stared. There they were, shiny and freshly polished, smelling of leather; luring him, provoking him. Rodney heard the water running in the adjacent room and after a short, uncertain look at the bathroom door he went down onto his knees. He could always say he was picking up something from the floor, he reassured himself.

    He hesitated for a second, but then he bent forward and took a deep sniff.


    It went directly to his head, traveled down his spine, and tentacles of lust reached for his groin, weaving a net of longing and recklessness. He inhaled again. Leather, shoe polish, the scent of worn shoes and the knowledge that these were Sheppard’s made Rodney’s breathing quicker. All of his dreams and half-dreams came to him in a rush. Rodney’s fantasies mingled with reality. His fingers were gliding over the smooth leather, playing with the shoelaces, and he had to adjust himself because his cock was pressing uncomfortably against the seam of his pants.

    Rodney listened again, but there was still the sound of the shower, so he wiped his handkerchief over the boots. When he was sure they were as clean as they looked, he took a deep breath. Only seconds separated him from fulfilling his deepest yearning. Now or never, he had to get it out of his system. He leaned forward again, stuck out his tongue, and licked tentatively. He couldn’t suppress a small groan when his tongue touched the boot for the first time. It was even better than in his dreams.

    “I could help you.”

    Rodney’s head shot up, and with horror he saw Sheppard standing nonchalantly in the door of the bathroom, arms crossed over his chest, the water was still running in the background.

    Opening his mouth to respond, Rodney found that his head was all of a sudden totally void. There was just no way to explain what he was doing there. But he had prepared an excuse, hadn’t he? “I … I … was looking for …” Crap, he hadn’t thought about what he was searching on the floor! And so Rodney ended lamely, “I think I lost a … button.”

    “You were sniffing and licking my boots,” Sheppard stated unequivocally.

    “No! I wasn’t. I was …” Rodney started to get up. He had to leave!

    But John ordered, “Stay where you are!” He thought the shower off and advanced to where Rodney was still kneeling on the floor.

    Instead of bolting out of the door and running, the only thing that came to Rodney’s paralyzed mind was that John moved with the grace of a panther despite his worn sweatpants and his loose fitting gray t-shirt. He felt like the proverbial deer in the headlights and looked a bit helplessly up to Sheppard. How could he have been so careless, sniffing Sheppard’s boots in his own quarters? Rodney wasn’t sure if his mortification or his yearning for this hot man and his boots were going to win his inner battle.

    “If you say ‘Caldwell’ I’ll stop immediately. Okay?”

    Wait, wait, Sheppard hadn’t said what he thought he had said, had he? “W...w...what?”

    “You heard me.” Sheppard was now standing directly in front of Rodney. Barefoot, old clothes, his hair still dripping wet – but he was using his command voice that sent needle-sharp tremors down Rodney’s spine.

    Rodney was wetting his suddenly dry lips with his tongue when realization hit him. Oh my God! Sheppard wanted to play games! There was still the nagging suspicion that this was a very elaborate joke – but then, how could Sheppard know about this special kink of his? He nervously rubbed his palms on his pants. One breath of air later, he decided to be brave and to jump in at the deep end. Rodney croaked, “Okay.” He was fully aware that at this moment he had consented to more than only accepting a safeword.

    “Fine.” Sheppard picked up the boots, made three steps to the nearest chair, and sat down. He pulled his boots on and then told Rodney, “Come here and lace them.” He snapped his fingers in a very McKay-like manner.

    Rodney hesitated, but when he tentatively tried to stand up, Sheppard shook his head. “No.”

    McKay tried to convince himself. ‘Come on, Rodney, it’s only three or four meters and it’s like a mirror image of your dreams.’ But then it had been always dream-Rodney the submissive one. Real-Rodney was a genius and ... very bossy.

    As if Sheppard could read his thoughts, he coaxed seductively, “Even the best scientist in two galaxies is allowed to have dreams.”

    Rodney made an effort and started crawling. Silly, silly, silly his rationality sung, but was drowned out by the lust of surrender that was submerging Rodney. Every scratch of his knees on the floor left scratches on his self-confidence. But it was worth it. When he reached Sheppard he was painfully hard.

    He was grateful that he had a task awaiting him, and he took great pains to lace the boots meticulously. “Done,” he announced two minutes later and ventured a look at Sheppard’s face. There was no mockery or boastfulness. Rodney relaxed a bit.

    Sheppard wiggled his feet from the left to the right, examining them attentively, then he criticised, “There’s still dirt on the toecap. Lick it clean.”

    Lacing the shoes of somebody and ‘kinky’ boot-licking were two very different things, but the throbbing of his cock convinced Rodney that he really wanted to do that. He bent forward and the sensations were even stronger now that Sheppard had given the order while wearing the boots. Rodney deactivated all his higher brain-functions and started to indulge in his fantasy, getting bolder each minute that passed. He was rubbing his cheek against the leather, licking with his tongue, and kissing Sheppard’s boots. Electric shocks were running through his body, tingling and enticing whenever he thought about how he must look for Sheppard. He glided his left hand in his trousers, but Sheppard’s foot kicked this hand away.

    “You’re not going to touch yourself, understood?”

    “But I have to come!”

    “Later. Now I want you to get up and strip, slowly. First the pants, then the t-shirt.”

    What was Sheppard offering? Of course this was a sexual experience for Rodney and there was no doubt that Sheppard knew it, but... was it also one for John? Rodney knew only one way to find out. He stared intently at John’s crotch. It was very difficult to tell with the sweatpants, but that looked suspiciously like a bulge. Oh. Good. Very good, indeed.

    Rodney made up his mind and got on his feet, He kicked off his shoes and started unbuttoning his pants. His boxer shorts revealed his arousal and John would know how turned on he was, but stubbornly Rodney continued to pull his t-shirt over his head. “Voilà!” he said and tried not fidget too much.

    “Nice. Now the boxer shorts.”

    “But then I’m naked and you’re still fully clothed,” Rodney complained.

    “That’s the general idea.” John grinned, but then he repeated sternly, “Strip!”

    That was ... new. In his dreams Sheppard would always magically lose his clothes with him so that they were both naked in the end. Rodney pulled down his shorts and held his breath. His cock was hard and leaking and there was no denying how much he liked this situation.

    “Very nice.” John cleared his voice and this was the first indication that he was way more affected than his slouch in the chair let on. “Kneel right in front of me and spread your legs.”

    His nakedness made Rodney shiver but the reason wasn’t the temperature in John’s quarters. He wanted to kneel with every fiber in his body, but once again his intellect was telling him that would be embarrassing and he shouldn’t do it. Rodney was torn.

    “Kneel.” John let his legs fall apart a bit and his right hand disappeared into his sweatpants.

    Rodney was clearly able to see the languorous up and down of John’s fingers. Rodney knelt, breathing heavily, and spread his legs. He felt totally vulnerable and hoped fervently that John would end the anticipation quickly. His fists were clenched so he wouldn’t touch himself even if he longed to do so.

    “Hands behind your back,” his tormentor ordered now and Rodney obeyed. It was easier that way.

    He was rewarded with John’s boot that was caressing the outside of his thigh. Smooth leather on hot skin left a trace of burning sensations. After a while, John’s foot changed to the inside of Rodney’s leg and wandered slowly higher until the boot touched Rodney’s balls for the first time. Rodney hissed loudly, which made John chuckle and continue to let his boot glide carefully over Rodney’s cock.

    Rodney closed his eyes when Sheppard once more pressed his boot between his legs, pushing them even more apart. He glided behind Rodney’s balls with the toecap, pressing on Rodney’s perineum. Rodney couldn’t suppress his moans any longer. The combination of combat boots and everything they represented on this delicate body-part – Rodney’s head began to swim in pure lust.

    “Rub yourself against my boot until you come,” Sheppard demanded hoarsely.

    “Yes, yes,” Rodney whispered zealously and pressed himself tentatively against the leather of the shoe. The feeling was incredible. The still slightly cold leather against his naked skin sent shivers down Rodney’s spine. Shamelessly, Rodney rubbed himself against Sheppard’s boot. No comparison to his dreams; this was ten times more intense.

    And the best was, John was also moaning.

    Light-headed, Rodney pressed his whole body forward, rubbing his dick against the shaft of the boot. The laces were sending delicious spikes of near-pain through his body. “I ... I have to come,” he panted.

    John pulled down the seam of his sweatpants, revealing his aroused cock.

    Yes, yes, yes, Sheppard was on the same page with him. The scent of soap and arousal was filling Rodney’s nostrils. He inhaled deeply. This was perhaps even more perfect than the smell of leather! John pressed his dick with only two fingers just below the crown, and Rodney considered taking John’s dick in his mouth, but he knew that he was already too uncoordinated and too close.

    Once more John’s foot bumped firmly against his perineum. Rodney gave a high-pitched moan as he babbled, “John, John, please, yes, please” and came, spilling white spurts over John’s boot. He needed his hands to secure his balance and leaned them against the chair John was sitting on. Waves of ecstasy crashed over him and left him limp and breathless.

    When he was done he felt John’s hands in his hair, urging him gently on, and Rodney obeyed once more. He opened his mouth and started sucking on John’s dick. The new sensations intertwined with the aftermath of his climax and he was humming contentedly. Only a shocking thirty seconds later, he tasted John for the first time. At least he hoped that it was the first time and that there would be a repeat performance. He looked up and John was grinning down at him.

    “Wanna finish the evening in bed?” John asked.

    “Oh yes, my knees are killing me,” Rodney complained, noticing for the first time how uncomfortable the ground was. He allowed Sheppard to help him to his feet.

    “You okay?” John asked with a hint of concern.

    "I'm good," Rodney said, meaning it in more ways than one.

    ------THE END----

    ©Antares, February 2010

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    I translated one of my double-drabbles, before I get to rusty in writing english texts. Now it has become a little longer. Maybe you will recognize it...

    A lucky man has secret plans …

    … to gain everything his heart desires wants, especially Rodney McKay. A little vignette full of humor.


    Rodney left his quarters with a big smile on his face at 7.30 am.

    While he was walking towards his lab, his thoughs slipped through his secret schedule for today, plans he was keeping for himself for good reasons.

    8.45 am

    (At this time the sandwiches would have thicker relish as usual. The kitchen personal doesn’t like to keep unnecessary remains of sausage and cheese.)

    12.30 pm
    Lunch with the Team

    (Ronon and Sheppard surely would leave the dessert to him, because they don’t like sweet things so much , especially the big man from Sateda. Or maybe Teyla would share her steak with him, because she prefers the salad much more by now to keep her weight?)

    4.00 pm
    A short visit in the biological labs

    (Kathy Browns best friend got a new care-package from her mother and aunt from home. She has always shared the self-baked cookies and the good coffee with other colleagues and their friends, why not today?)

    8.00 pm
    Meeting with Dr. Winston

    (maybe he wasnt invited to the birthday party for this man from the chemical division, but he was sure that no one would deny him to take something from the buffet, when he would be there.)

    He was content with himself and praised himself a lucky man.

    But in this moment his radio set was activated. “Rodney please come to the meeting room immediately, when you have fetched your breakfast. We have to talk about the mission to MX3-726”, Elizabeth Weir ordered.


    “Some changes happened there, we could not foresee. This demands, that we start the mission much earlier as we have planned,”, the expedition leader said with a stern voice, accepting no further comments.

    „Okay … I will be there!“, Rodney answered with resignation.

    He sighed quietly.

    Sometimes he really hated life and work on Atlantis – expecially, if such surprises suddenly destroy well laid plans for a nice day.

    So there would be no feasting with cookies and caffeine for him today , only frustration with long walks and unknown dangers on savage worlds with no edible food …
    Kolya, der Trust und ein irrer Serienkiller in:Im Grau der Schatten, Double Trouble & In den Händen des Schicksals. Ungekannte Abenteuerer von John Sheppard & Co in "Stargate Atlantis - Die verborgenen Szenen": Aufbruch in eine neue Welt und Das erste Jahr und Die Specials.

    John Sheppards Schicksal im Vegasverse :"Solitary Man" no more

    *Neu:* Kapitel 22 seit Okt 2016: Wenn der schlafende Tiger erwacht (Star Trek Into Darkness Prequel)
    * NEU* Doktor Who: Die Saat des Zorns * Der Schatten des Doktors * Drabbles

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    The reason for translating one of my FFs is a written examination in English. To be honest, I am utterly afraid of writing endless chains of dependant clauses (I know myself, I always do that). That's why I tried to practise cutting through my own stories...

    Autor: Toth
    Titel: Star Trek - Other Perspectives
    Spoiler: None
    Disclaimer: All rights on Stargate belong to MGM, all rights on Star Trek belong to Paramount Pictures

    Chapter 1 – The Siege (Part 2)

    It was an agreeable cool evening. A few clouds cruised at the sky, an ocean of small lights aroused the appearance of an ordinarily end of a day. Even the soft waves, breaking at the borders of the magnificent city, were not able to cover the fact that the remaining inhabitants were utterly nervous.

    It was time, when the order to dim the lights sounded in every street. Only soldiers made their patrols through the city, always watching the sky above. Everyone clasped his weapon...

    “Always remember: Short and aimed volleys!” a far too eager corporal shouted, shortly before he took seat at one of the railguns by himself.

    He was ignored. Everyone already knew his job. There was an enemy, somewhere above. He has sent numerous Fighters with the true knowledge that they won’t return. But they should seek out the defence of Atlantis and drop some troops off to cause as much damage as possible.

    “Beware! They are coming!” the same Corporal shouted, while four flares were launched.

    There was one thought in some of the defenders heads: It was a hell of a nice view. But they revised their opinions at the moment, when hundreds of small black dots appeared in the lights. Dozens of volleys were shot straight into the swarm, hitting and destroying them here and there.

    During this start of the battle, Major John Sheppard hazed as fast as possible to the so-called chair-room. It was located in a tower at the border of the city.

    “McKay, start it immediately!” he was shouting at the poor Canadian, who worked tired at one of the Naquadah-generators.

    “Wait a minute!”
    “We don’t have a minute!”
    “Listen! This generator can only deliver the power-supply for the chair in a mode of controlled overload.”
    “Just make it working, ok?”
    “I’m already trying...”

    The battle continued above the city, but both of them were so concentrated on the seat that they didn’t recognized two marines in the same room. Lieutenant Peter Samuels observed the next corridor carefully. There was nothing except for weapon sound and hollow impacts. Releasing some breath, he looked to the comrade next to him.

    This marine, Lieutenant Alex Newman, was forced to become his roommate, but they became soon friends. They were doing their duty for a few weeks, but they haven’t experienced any mentionable adventures. Now they were here.

    “Wraith!” Samuels shouted.

    A whole bunch of them turned the corner and started to fire on sight. They answered with defence fire behind their cover, but the evil aliens simply didn’t want to die. They advanced slowly but steady.

    “McKay, you should really hurry with the damn reactor!” Newman shouted to the scientist, who was ignoring him and continued to work around.

    “What’s going on there?” Sheppard asked the marines and lifted off the chair.
    “There are too many!” Samuels stated, while escaping behind a column.

    Sheppard went to the corridor and drew a hand grenade. As soon as he threw it into the corridor, an explosion lifted the Wraith off their feet. He faced the soldiers:

    “What’s the problem?”

    Both marines shrugged their shoulders. Well, until they were recognizing half of the Wraith starting to wake up. The avoidance of further awakenings was ensured after a few aimed volleys. But only several seconds later (they were just calming a little bit down), something strange occurred in the heat of the battle:

    A door appeared.

    It must be admitted that it was quite an impressive door within a heavy silver frame, equipped with an odd touch-screen console. It opened as soon as it popped up, revealing a small part of a bright and friendly corridor. A woman in an unknown blue and black uniform passed it. She seemed to be stressed, but had still enough time to sneer at the uniforms of both marines.

    “Alex, I was ordered to tell you that the mission briefing starts in 5 minutes. You’re expected at the Observation Lounge”
    “Oh come on, I just arrived...”

    The soldier lowered his head and walked grumbling through the door. Thereafter the woman faced Samuels:

    “Besides, when does your shift begin?”
    “Uh, I have still 10 minutes left.”
    “Good for you.”

    She left with these words, too. The door suddenly disappeared.

    “What... the heck... is going on here?” Major Sheppard started, while McKay was just sitting there with his mouth wide opened and frozen in the middle of his last action.

    “Would you believe, if I tell you that this wasn’t like it seemed to be?”
    “I’m not quite sure how it seemed to be at all. Damn, where are you from?” The Major pointed at the sticker on the right arm of Lieutenant Samuels.

    It wasn’t a national flag; it was more a modified version of the UNO crest with the Milky Way instead of Earth. Samuels became aware of this, ripped it off his uniform and put it into his watch pocket with an irritating smile.

    “Well, it will sound strange for sure, but I want to stay honest. We aren’t in Atlantis... there is in fact no Atlantis. This whole world is just a TV show, published 350 years ago.”
    “Huh, I feel quite real!”
    “Naturally, the actor who portrayed you is quite dead, but we are at the holodeck of a spaceship.”

    Meanwhile Rodney made a desperate effort to stand up:

    “That’s ridiculous! We can’t possibly be holograms!”
    “You want a proof?”

    At the same time a Wraith fighter crashed into a building nearby. The whole tower was shaking.

    “You can’t do any conversation with this noise... Computer! Delete all Wraiths!”

    Silence. The sound of flying fighters disappeared at first, thereafter the last blasts faded away.”

    Rodney ran to the nearest window. He seemed totally confused:

    “They are all gone...”

    He wasn’t sure if it was better to ease or to be concerned.

    “What kind of a ship?” Sheppard asked.
    “It’s a vessel of the United Federation of Planets. The... well... the... USS Meredith McKay, NCC-71224!”

    Both of them stared at the scientist who petrified immediately.

    “Named after me?” he whispered.

    Lieutenant Samuels nodded. Sheppard had numerous questions, but the very first that left his lips was:


    It was aimed at McKay.

    “Why not Rodney?” he protested.
    “If you take a name, you usually take the first name. There wasn’t any more space for a Rodney.”
    “Not even an R with a dot was possible?”

    The lieutenant sighed and shook his head. There were many questions in Rodney’s head, too, but the first he chose for the pole position was:

    “He hasn’t one, doesn’t he?” he pointed at Sheppard.
    “Hey, Meredith...!”
    “They take usually scientists...” Samuels denied.
    “At least one victory...”
    “Didn’t you say that this is a TV show? Who names a vessel after characters from a TV show?”
    “Well, the guys from Utopia-Planetia-Fleetyards have their very own humour.... and after they ran out of all the cool names, like Intrepid, Constellation or Galaxy, well, you see...”

    Both of them were just standing there and stared in a confused manner. Samuels shrugged his shoulder:

    “Well, we could continue the conversation later. But I need to go now. Computer! Exit!”

    The door appeared again. It opened automatically, when he passed it. Sheppard and McKay stared shocked at each other, soon after the next disappearance of the door.


    Only a few seconds later, Samuels returned with some diffused gesticulations:

    “Oh sorry, I almost forgot... Computer! Save and end program!”

    Before his final leave, Atlantis decomposed until there was only a black, sterile hall with a yellow grating pattern left.

    The End (because I won't translate the rest of it )

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    I won't tranlate this into German, so here's the link to the English original.

    Author: Antares
    Fandom: SG-1
    Pairing: Jack/Daniel
    Rating: NC-17
    Beta: Many, many thanks to my wonderful beta Shazzz!

    Link to A03:

    Have fun!

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